On the Visit to a Department Store

One day in March Juche 47(1958) President Kim Il Sung visited a local department store.

As he gazed at a showcase with a fine array of socks in various colours, the President told the accompanying officials that they had to help the store increase its sales.

And he said to a saleswoman that he wanted to buy a pair of bluish grey socks.

He had a friendly look at the saleswoman who hesitated to do as he asked, tenderly saying there was no reason for him not to buy the socks as all people wore them.

An official paid the price at the cash desk and received the socks.

Of course, the saleswoman and accompanying officials as well did not know why the President bought the socks.

After a while, the official came to know that the President bought the socks to see what kind of socks the people were wearing and how their quality was.

It is one of the many impressive stories about the noble personality traits of the President who was always mindful of the people`s living even as he saw a pair of socks

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