Immortal Exploits Shining with Day of Songun

On August 25 Juche 49(1960) Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army, signalling the start of his Songun-based revolutionary leadership. Under his leadership, the KPA grew into an army strong in ideology and faith and an invincible combat force prepared both for attack and defence and equipped with a reliable war deterrent.

Thanks to his Songun-based revolutionary leadership, the DPRK attained the highest level in terms of dignity, status and strength in national history and laid a solid foundation for the people’s happiness and prosperity of all generations to come. 

As he conducted Songun-based revolutionary activities all his life, the Chairman performed immortal exploits for the country, nation, times and history. That is why all the Koreans and the world’s progressive peoples laud him as the great Sun of Songun.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un saw to it that August 25 is celebrated as the Day of Songun to add eternal brilliance to the glorious exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

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