Top Priority to Demands and Interests of People

One day in April Juche 101 (2012) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said to officials in the following vein:

The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il regarded “The people are my God” as their motto throughout their lives. True to their noble will, we should regard the people as our God and conduct every undertaking with their demands and interests given to first priority. Party organizations, out of maternal feelings, should always value and love the people, guarantee their political integrity to the last and help them add lustre to it.

He meant that the Workers’ Party of Korea should become a genuine motherly party which take responsibility for the people’s destiny and look after them just as a mother does not treat her ugly child and handsome one in a biased manner but is more anxious and concerned about the latter.

That day, he asked the officials to devote themselves for the people and make tireless efforts for their good, noting that the people do not exist for the sake of officials, but officials exist for the sake of the people.

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