Precious Guideline

It happened when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Central Tree Nursery on November 10, Juche 103 (2014).

While giving precious teachings for turning the country’s mountains into thickly-wooded “treasure mountains and “gold mountains”, he asked his accompanying officials what terracottem is.

An official answered it sounded like a root stimulant. The Supreme Leader explained that it is a supplement for improving soil and complementing moisture aimed at increasing the survival rate of trees transplanted in summer, and stressed the need to further round off the method of transplanting saplings in summer so as to cover all the mountains of the country with thick woods.

After he was briefed on how the nursery transplanted a 7-year-old sapling in summer, he said that it would be quite possible to increase the survival rate of trees if they transplant saplings cultivated in pot-shaped bags made of non-woven cloth in summer.

The officials held his teachings as the guideline that they should give definite prominence to science and technology in undertaking the afforestation for the country’s prosperity and the coming generations.

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