Laws Protecting Happiness of Family

In the article 78 of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK it is stipulated: “Marriage and family are under protection of the state. The state is deeply concerned about protection of the family, the basic unit of living in the society.”

The socialist laws aimed at sound development of families are composed of the Family Law which contributes to making the whole society a large harmonious family by consolidating and developing the socialist marriage and family system, the Law on Fuel Supply for Residents and the Law on Residences which contribute to offering conveniences to the people’s living, the Laws on Water Supply and Drainage which help offering the cultural and hygienic living conditions and environment and other laws on provision of all necessary conditions for the people. Under this legal system the Korean people are now living happily without any inconveniences.

In addition, the Law on Education, the Laws on Higher Education and Common Education which legally regulate the education for children, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children aimed at breeding healthy children and emancipating the women from the burden of breeding their children, the Law on Childcare, the Law on Protection of Children’s Rights and Public Health Law are discharging their duties to please all the families and protect the bright future of their children.

December 27 is a significant day of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK since it was promulgated.

President Kim Il Sung promulgated the Socialist Constitution and made other laws and regulations to be enacted in several areas. Since then, the Korean people are ensured the genuine freedom and rights and meaningfully celebrating this day every year as the Day of Socialist Constitution and as a traditional holiday.

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