Photo Taken on Meaningful Day

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the then Pyongyang Textile Mill on July 30 Juche 98(2009) despite the searing midsummer heat.

As he looked round different places of the mill, the Chairman happily said that the textile mill changed magnificently beyond recognition and established a cultured way of production and life.

He also met with the mill’s labour heroines and the labour innovators of younger generation and highly appreciated their patriotic devotion. He said to the following effect:

Never had our Korean women boosted their reputation and value of existence as those in the era of the Workers’ Party. This epoch-making change in their position and role clearly demonstrates that our women strong in revolutionary spirit and militancy are a powerful force that dynamically drives the revolution and construction.

Saying that the Pyongyang Textile Mill was a factory with many women and that day was the anniversary of the promulgation of the Law on Sex Equality, he proposed having a photograph taken with the employees including the labour heroines and labour innovators of younger generation that he had just met.

The photo session that took place at the Pyongyang Textile Mill on the meaningful day reflected the noble love of the Chairman and his intention to give prominence to the Korean women who turn one of the two wheels of the revolution.

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