For People’s Happiness (6)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.


As some officials were enjoying the Volare, a woman official said to the General, “The citizens have a pleasant time at the Kaeson Youth Park. This is your fourth visit to the amusement park after its renovation. I wish you pose for a photograph against the background of the park today.”

The General accepted the request readily and, looking all around, said that he would pose there. Figuring out what the background would look like, he motioned the woman to stand against the Volare and called other officials.

He said:

“The officials here have requested me to pose for a photograph today as I have come here for the fourth time after the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park was renovated. At this park that has been turned into an excellent cultural resort resounding with happy laughter of the working people, youth and students, I will pose for a photograph with officials against the background of the amusement.”

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