“Interview” for Reunification (2)

National Cooperation.

The south Korean guests grew more excited as Kim Jong Il promptly answered all their questions very clearly by referring to his broad knowledge, keen insight and humorous anecdotes.

Another guest said, “The north’s animations and computer software have reached the world standard. I think the north will rake it in if it cooperates with other countries in this field.”

Kim Jong Il laughed heartily, and said: If the north and the south cooperate in this field, each side will get half of the profits. It means all the profits will be for the Koreans. Then why should the north cooperate with other countries?

At the moment a phrase in the June 15 Joint Declaration came to their minds–By Our Nation Itself!

His answer stated that By Our Nation Itself was not an empty slogan and reaffirmed that all the Korean people must join efforts to put an end to the tragedy of national division.

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