Children’s Friend

It happened on December 20, 2001 when Kim Jong Il visited the Kanggye Chicken’s Giblets Soup Restaurant. After looking round the restaurant he stepped out of it. He halted in front of the building and looked at the Youth Park nearby.

“Dear General, the ostrich that you had sent some months ago is now in the park,” said a senior official of the province.

Kim Jong Il asked with a beaming face whether people liked it.

“Yes, it is loved by everyone, children in particular,” answered the official.


“Yes, some children in neighbouring counties miles away come all the way to see the giant bird. At night some others like disturbing the sleeping animal to see it scurry about in the aviary.”

“Is that so? I am glad to hear that children like it.”

“Perhaps the bird, too, likes children.”

“The ostrich likes children?”

“Well, children run here and there shouting out and the giant bird runs playfully after them. The keepers at the park complain that these naughty children give it no time for relaxation.”

The General laughed, picturing them in his mind.

He said: It was right that I had the ostrich sent to Kanggye. I did not imagine that the children would be so happy with it. I had it sent simply because I wanted to show the rare animal to the children in the mountainous region. To hear that they like it so much, I will not be tired today even if I stay up all night.

Saying this, he was smiling so happily, the leader who would spare nothing for the sake of children.

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