Stewardess’s Birthday

On September 1, Juche 59(1970), Chairman Kim Jong Il got on the train for his field guidance to North Phyongan Province. When a stewardess made her polite bow to him, he received her salutation cheerfully. She was the stewardess he had ever met before a few times.

The Chairman asked her when she would go back to Pyongyang.

As the train arrived at his destination, he got it off and told her twice that she should take rest for two or three days and go together with him.

Two days later, an official handed her a big package she never expected and told her the reason for his coming.

The official told her that the Chairman had largely packed fruits and various foodstuffs for her. And the Chairman said that that day was her birthday, so they should prepare some for her as she had no parents and, if not, who else should do it, he added.

She was so surprised to hear that. Tears were lingering in her eyes.

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