Exclamatory Voice Sounded on Fields

In June Juche 64(1975) President Kim Il Sung went round a wheat field with rich harvest, guided by the first secretary of the central committee of the communist party of an East European country.

Having reached the field, the President told him that they seeded well and asked how many seeds they planted per hectare.

Then the first secretary and an official in charge of agricultural industry shrugged their shoulders with a perplexed look. So, the chief engineer of the farm explained it to the President.

When the question of abnormal climate was also on the topic for conversation, the President taught them in detail about it.

Deeply impressed with it, the first secretary asked: “Comrade Kim Il Sung! When did you acquaint yourself so thoroughly with farming method, while conducting state affairs? You look like a real farmer.”

Having thanked for calling him the real farmer, the President said that when one goes to an iron works, he must be a smelter, when to the sea, he a fisherman and when to the countryside, he a real farmer. Only then, he would conduct state affairs properly, he added.

The first secretary could not repress his admiration at his words and expressed his feeling of respect for him.

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