Gifts Reflecting Utmost Sincerity of All People 22


It is the gift presented to President Kim Il Sung by the secretary general of the Peruvian Committee for Supporting the Reunification of Korea in April Juche 71 (1982).
He made up his mind to present a meaningful gift showing his sincerity to the President on his 70th birthday and prepared the one depicting the baton which was believed to have been used by the kings to rule the vast stretches of land in South America in the period of the Incaic Empire in the past.
He is said to have specially chosen this baton as a gift to the President in the meaning that he was wisely leading the revolutionary struggle of the Latin American people with the brilliant rays of the Juche idea and in anticipation that the President would lead humankind to a new independent world free from exploitation and oppression.

Silver Plated Craftwork “Steed”

The gift was presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by a Spanish company in February Juche 97 (2008).
It shows the feeling of great reverence of the company employees for the Chairman who resolutely safeguarded socialism of the DPRK.
It is said that from ancient times the Spanish people have presented handicrafts depicting steed they regard as the symbol of tenacity to the most respected persons or those of great merit.  
A fine artistic, lifelike representation of a jumping horse, the gift is a vivid portrayal of the spirit of the Korean people who worked hard to build a powerful socialist country while frustrating the imperialists` vicious isolation and pressure moves and overcoming all trials in the Chollima spirit, closely rallied around the Chairman. 

Ceramic Flower Vase

It is a gift the Asian Olympic Council presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in November Juche 100 (2011).
Specially made to order by a world renowned ceramics company, the vase has the red sun depicted at the centre of the front and back and is embossed with a dragon and a peregrine falcon on the front.
Dragon symbolizes East Asia and Southeast Asia and peregrine falcon represents South Asia and Central Asia in the emblem of the Asian Olympic Council.         
Delivering the gift, the head of the Asian Olympic Council said: “This ceramic flower vase depicting peregrine falcon and dragon is a gift presented to DPRK leader Kim Jong Un in the name of our Asian Olympic Council.” 

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