Pyongyang Golf Course

It is located on the shore of Lake Thaesong.

The 7 km long golf course in good harmony with the beautiful landscape covers an area of 120 hectares including 45 hectares of grassland. It consists of 18 holes, which are interlinked along the lake.

It has facilities enough to accommodate 100 players a day and an adequate number of service personnel. It has also a building with restaurants, shops, saunas, relaxing places and other service facilities.

The non-players can take a walk in the clean surroundings, feasting their eyes on the crystal-clear Lake Thaesong. The golf course is an ideal destination for one-day trip.

And there is a mini-golf course with 30 boxes beside the Sosan Hotel in Chongchun Street of Pyongyang. It is a suitable place for beginners or those with a little spare time. As it is near some other hotels, it would be eligible to learn to play golf in a short time.

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