Summit to Go Down in World History

Cuba, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Iran, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Chile, Qatar, Australia and many other governments, political parties and organizations issued statements to describe the DPRK-US summit meeting and talks as a landmark of great importance in achieving peace, stability and prosperity on the Korean peninsula and improving bilateral relations.

The Nigerian Foreign Ministry said that the recent measures taken by the DPRK are a manifestation of its willingness to ensure peace on the Korean peninsula, while the Turkish Foreign Ministry hailed the conclusion of an agreement for the establishment of a new relationship between the DPRK and the US and of a durable and lasting peace mechanism at the talks.

Different organizations in India, Ethiopia, Romania and Switzerland welcomed the successful DPRK-US summit talks, noting June 12 2018 would go down in world history.

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