This Is Where Happiest People Live

A documentary produced by a Russian TV company has been aired by different TV channels and posted on the Internet, enjoying a great popularity.

As to the film introducing the DPRK, an Internet magazine said:
“Many people around the world want to know about the DPRK. Documentary ‘This is where the happiest people live’ shows as they are the country’s true looks that cannot be seen anywhere else. As they watch the film, the audiences will realize why the producers have described the Korean people, who are waging an indomitable fight in the face of all hardships, as the ‘happiest people on the earth’.”

The film shows crowds of people visiting the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang, the dignified and fulfilling life of the Korean people who are enjoying all blessings thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s ardent love for them and younger generations, and tourist attractions and natural scenery. Viewers of the documentary in different countries found it difficult to believe it is the reality of the DPRK and said in admiration that its cities are very beautiful and the locals are really hospitable.

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