Patent Product of Jongphyong County

On November 6, 2009, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the newly built Kumjingang Kuchang Youth Power Station in Jongphyong County.

He rejoiced at the view of the vast artificial lake and the dam extending hundreds of metres, saying that in South Hamgyong Province they had done a great thing without giving much publicity. I have witnessed miraculous innovations wherever I go and this year is full of auspicious events, he added.

An official of the province explained that with the completion of the new power project after the construction of Kumjingang Youth Power Station No. 6, the county’s power generation capacity had doubled.

The Chairman commented that it was a great achievement for a county. Noting that man could do what he was determined to do, he said, “It is man who has the greatest strength and courage.”

He was guided to a yard in front of the generator room, where a map was put up showing power stations along the Kumjin River.

After being briefed on the completed and ongoing projects, he said: It is necessary to build more power stations in the Kumjin River. The river extends nearly 100km and has three power stations in operation. It would be marvellous if the power generation capacity were increased radically after the construction of Hamhung Youth power stations Nos. 1 and 2. The Kumjin River is an important source of power and I suggest it should be nicknamed the Power River.

That day he also saw the county’s special products–balls and briquettes of coal mixed with weathered gneiss and mycoprotein fodder.

He listened attentively to an account of the composition of the coal products and said that it was very interesting and he was pleased to see such a novelty in the county.

Noting that they should be widely used as they would burn easily and generate intense heat, he said, “The balls of coal mixed with weathered gneiss can be called the patent product of Jongphyong County. The local people may give themselves airs for the invention.”

Officials grinned at his joke.

The Chairman resumed that by displaying the spirit of devoted service to the people, the officials of the county had made a priceless invention for their daily use through tireless thinking and study, and stressed that all officials should follow suit and become faithful servants of the people.

The officials pledged to serve them better.

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