Chilbosan Biosphere Reserve

Chilbosan Biosphere Reserve is in Myongchon County, North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK, covering a wide area of Mt Chilbo and its surrounding areas.

The Mt Chilbo area was registered as a world biosphere reserve in the 26th meeting of UNESCO International Coordinating Council of the Man and Biosphere Programme held in Sweden in June Juche 103(2014). 

The area is now inhabited by over 800 species of higher plants and hundreds of species of vertebrates, since it has favorable natural and geographical features and rich feeding conditions.

It has become an important depot of genetic diversity as well over a hundred species of medicinal plants like songi mushroom famous as a speciality of Mt Chilbo and plants and animals of high economic value and academic significance are distributed there.

The biosphere reserve has abundant mineral water resources like Hwangjin and Manho hot springs, which help improve the health of the people. 

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