Greatest Pleasure

One autumn day in Juche 100(2011) another happy event took place in Ryongjon.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the farm for the second time that year. Officials and employees of the farm wanted to see him again so much as they worked in the orchards with apple trees laden with appetizing apples remembering the promise he made in spring that they greeted him with great joy.

The Chairman said that he came again that day to keep the promise he had made with them when he inspected the Ryongjon Fruit Farm in May that he would come back in autumn, the harvest season.

And he said he was very pleased that the fruit farm made surprising achievements in the significant year that marked the 50th anniversary of the Pukchong Enlarged Meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Hearing him, the officials were really excited.

He told them that it is important to produce more fruits and export them to other countries, but more important is to supply them to the local people.

And he had a photo taken with the officials against the background of an apple tree covered with fruit.

His pleasure that day was an expression of great pride and joy of the great father to provide the people with a plentiful supply of sweet fruit.

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