His Thanks to Official

On July 6 Juche 83 (1994), President Kim Il Sung, though he did not feel well, presided over the consultative meeting of senior officials in economic sectors. In the meeting he asked an official who took in charge of light industry about the supply of school uniforms to students that year.

When he was reported new school uniforms were supplied to all kindergarteners and students across the country by the end of June, the President repeated his thanks to him.

Everyone in the DPRK has not considered it as serious to get their children new school uniforms, since it was one of the time-honored major popular policies of the Party. However, the President asked that issue even at the meeting where to discuss important economic affairs of the country and was that much pleased.

His expression of thanks in the last days of his great revolutionary life is telling his lofty outlook on rising generations and the future and thus resounding as an eternal echo of love in the mind of Korean people and boys and girls who are going to meet the bright future under the great loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

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