Origin of International Children’s Day

In August 1925 the delegates from 54 countries who worked at children protection held an International Conference on Happiness of Children in Geneva, Switzerland and issued the Geneva Declaration aimed at loving the children and promoting their welfare.

The decision made at this conference to enact the Children’s Day was welcomed and supported from many countries in the world.

In November 1949, the Women’s International Democratic Federation held the executive committee meeting in Moscow in order to cherish the memory of children who died in the World War Two.

In the meeting they exposed and condemned the crimes of imperialists and reactionaries to murder children and decided to set June 1 as International Children’s Day in order to provide the survival, health and education of children and improve their subsistence.

In the DPRK the International Children’s Day is being celebrated as the day to strengthen the friendship and unity of progressive women and mothers in the world and colorful events such as friendly joint celebrations, art performances and sports games are now held for children.

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