On Occasion of 110th Birth Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung-With Endless Memory of President Kim Il Sung

This year April 15 marks the 110th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the great leader of Korean people and benevolent mentor to the progressive people of the world.

On this historical day, the Day of the Sun, I myself as a KKF member, look back upon his sacred lifetime and immortal exploit that shines bright with the 20th century.

He was born into a poor peasant’s family lived at Mangyongdae in Pyongyang, Korea, on April 15, 1912.

Korea was then the colony of Japan and Korean people suffered miserable lives as an enslaved nation.

Born into a hereditary patriotic family, the President received patriotic and revolutionary education form his father Mr. Kim Hyong Jik and mother Mrs. Kang Pan Sok from his childhood. When he reached eight years, he followed his village elders to join the March First Uprising against Japanese aggressors.

During the time of his studying at Wusong No.1 Primary School and Yuwen Middle School in Jilin Province, he developed friendly relations with many Korean and Chinese students and engaged in progressive activities. He organized and guided the Down-with-Imperialism Union. And he got to know a Chinese student Jiang Weihua and their intimacy remained forever in the history of China-DPRK friendship.

His parents devoted their all for Korean liberation and regretfully passed away in China.

I cannot repress my tears whenever I read paragraphs about his parents in his reminiscences “With the Century”.

Doing his revolutionary work actively in Jilin, the President was arrested to get in prison by reactionary police but he continued his struggle and sought a new road of revolution.

After the September 18 Incident, he formed and led the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army with his outstanding ideology and art of war and dealt a heavy blow to Japanese aggressors. He went over the border occasionally to wage brave battles in Korea in order to give the Korean people the hope of national liberation.

The President waged quite a long period the unprecedentedly arduous armed struggle never known in the war history and achieved a final victory of national independence. Then he founded the Party, army and state in a short period in the liberated Korea and laid a firm basis for socialist construction.

Having returned to the liberated Korea with triumph, the President used to see workers and farmers for nation building without dropping in his native home where his old grandparents were, though he often came across the road to Mangyongdae. It is being told in an anecdote and a song.

Korea got independent in August 1945 but divided into the north and south by occupation of US imperialism over South Korea and in 1950 the South Korea was instigated by the United States to make the Korean War for invasion against the North. 

Under his leadership the Korean People’s Army checked the enemy’s attack and liberated the Seoul in three days and prevailed in the three-year long fierce war against the armed forces of imperialist countries led by the United States.

Chinese government and people formed the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to be sent to the Korean War for fighting with the Korean People’s Army as they were much assisted from the President and Korean people during the Chinese War for Northeastern Liberation.

After the war, the President mobilized all the Korean people to the postwar rehabilitation construction and wisely led the basic construction of socialism by giving field guidance to all the sectors of the country.

Studying the world history, I have come to know that the United States armed spy ship “Pueblo” was captured by the KPA within the DPRK territorial waters for espionage act in January 1968 and that when it attempted to make another new war with this incident as the pretext, the President exacted a letter of apology from the United States without giving an inch of concession and inspired the socialist countries with confidence and bravery.

There are many tales of the miracles and feats the President created in his anti-imperialist and anti-US struggle and the DPRK has become the beacon of hope and a model example of building a new society to new independent countries.

The Juche idea President Kim Il Sung created in the early period of his revolutionary activities and applied into the whole course in building a socialist country is spreading all over the world with originality and vital power.

Immortal will be in the history of prospering socialist Korea his exploits that he defeated two imperialists within a century to restore the nation and safeguarded national dignity and security by frustrating all challenges and building a socialist state and laid a solid basis for building a powerful nation for all generations.

Indeed, there is no end in writing all about his revolutionary life and exploits.

The cause of revolution the President led with his lifelong effort has been fulfilled, constantly developed and enriched by Chairman Kim Jong Il and Comrade General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The DPRK has achieved so great successes as to startle the world in all sectors over the last ten years under the sagacious leadership of the respected Comrade General Secretary Kim Jong Un. So no one can imagine what miracles it will create to shake our Planet in another ten years. The greater the exploits Comrade General Secretary Kim Jong Un would achieve, the more sacred and greater the cause of President Kim Il Sung will be.

On this meaningful Day of the Sun, I am just feeling more strongly my respect for President Kim Il Sung. I will be remembering his great life as ever.

Zhao Bin KKF member

April 2022 

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