It was Not a New Dress

In late March Juche 50(1961), officials felt unusually delighted when they came at the Pyongyang Station to see off President Kim Il Sung to leave for his field guidance, because he got a new dress on for the old discolored one he usually wore.

When they were delighted to see the President the adjutant was wiping his tears on one side and said to them in a tearful voice that his dress was not a new one.

He told that they had presented a pattern of new dress to the President, but he declined it saying that our people were poorly dressed as yet and that he could not wear a good dress either. Although they requested him repeatedly, he said that when vinalon factory was built to completion, vinalon fiber would stream out for our people to wear new dresses made of it and then he, too, would get on a new dress. The dress he is now getting on is the old one repaired by turning it inside out, he added.

Having heard it, the officials shed their tears.

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