`People’ Speaks Volumes about DPRK

Everywhere in the DPRK are seen the slogan “We serve the people!” and heard such watchwords as “prioritizing the people” and “respect for the people”.

Edifices are also named after the “people”.

Among them are the People`s Palace of Culture, Grand People`s Study House, People’s Theatre, Rungna People’s Recreation Ground.

Renowned scientists, teachers, sportspeople and artists are honored with such titles as People’s Scientist, People’s Teacher, People’s Sportsperson, People’s Artist.

A Nepalese politician, in an article titled “DPRK, Great Power for People”, said that something unusual can be found in the DPRK and it is that the word “people” can be heard everywhere.

It is the climate and system provided by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who regarded the people as God, loved them most and devoted their all for them, he said.

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