Noble Aim of Life

It happened in mid-January Juche 100(2011) when Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected factories in North Phyongan Province which were kindling the intense flames of innovation in production from the beginning of the new year.

At a factory he said that the saying of “No pains, no gains” is the truth humankind acquired in the process of transforming nature and society.

His teachings tugged at the heartstrings of the officials reminding them of what he had once said.

Whenever I see the people’s happiness grow day by day, I harden my resolve to do much more work. The aim and pride of my life is to devote everything to the work for the building of a thriving country and the happiness of the people.
Pains for the people are not suffering.

Considering this instruction once again, the officials recollected the long miles of inspection tours he had made for the buildup and prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.

Like this, Kim Jong Il continued an endless journey of devotion, regarding the pains for the people as his pleasure.

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