Another Auspicious Moves to New Houses in Samjiyon Region

Modern houses were erected once again for a thousand and hundreds of households on the Paektu ground under the noble intention of the Workers` Party of Korea to develop the Samjiyon city, the land of honor where the Korean revolution was originated, into a model of mountain city, an earthly paradise for the people.

One-and low-and many storied modern houses in harmony with the rising and falling plains below Mt. Paektu were newly constructed at ten dong or ris of Samjiyon city. As a result, the historical sanctuary of revolution was converted into the socialist fairyland better to live in.

Entrance meetings to the houses nicely built under the warm loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un were held from 20 to 27 October at Rimyongsu, Sinmusong, No.5 Barrage and Phothae dongs and in Poso-ri, Thongsin-ri, Paeksam-ri, Junghung-ri, Hunggesu-ri and Sobaeksan-ri.

In the meetings, housing licenses were presented to the participants amid their great excitement and warm applause.

As soon as they began their moves to the new houses, dancing started so joyfully that villages were heated with festive mood and the merry voices of people`s laughing and singing echoed far and wide up to the clear and blue sky of October.

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