His Tenderness for General Manager

On August 5, Juche 57(1968) when there was a heavy rain, Chairman Kim Jong Il hastened his readiness to go to the Hamhung Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods Factory.

Officials courteously asked him if he could go after raining, but he started his trip saying that it was his duty to go to the factory and take care of disabled soldiers to keep working for revolution.

Arriving at the factory, the Chairman kindly asked the general manager who came to greet him if they were fine. And when he unfolded an umbrella for the Chairman, he declined it, saying that the general manager should go under the umbrella as he was disabled.

Thus the umbrella moved from the Chairman to him and vice versa.

Finally the Chairman told him to share it with and held it over his head with his one hand and stepped forward by folding the lame general manager into his another arm to help him walk together.

A cold rain was falling down from the sky, whereas warm tears were dropping down from his eyes.

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