“Great Leader of Anti-Japanese War in the Northeastern Region”

In his memoirs “The Legend of a Great Man Created in the Anti-Japanese War Period”, Zhao Shuhua, the former commander of the fourth corps of the anti-Japanese allied forces wrote as follows:

“Having taken part in the revolution not as a spectator but as an active participant since my boyhood when I discussed human life and worried about the fate of the country, I came to assure that the whole complicated course of anti-Japanese revolution in the northeastern region was the course that was pioneered and advanced toward victory by the devoted struggles and selfless support of Comrade Kim Il Sung.

With his natural endowment and benevolence, he did not cease to give a vital power to the northeastern revolution for its vibration and outstretched flower gardens of human virtue everywhere he went, so that even Wang Delin, too, who had experienced all sorts of hardships, came to respect Comrade Kim Il Sung as the ‘great leader of anti-Japanese war in the northeastern region` and ‘a saint and a wise man of all the anti-Japanese military and people in the northeastern region` in spite of himself.”

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