Ryongmun Cavern, Underground Scenic Spot of DPRK

There is the Ryongmun Cavern at the foot of Mt Ryongmun in Kujang County, North Phyongan Province. This mountain is connected geologically to Mt Myohyang, a famous mountain of the DPRK.

Ryongmun Cavern is a natural cavern rare to be seen in the world which took shape going through the processes of chemical solution nearly 480 million years ago.

The cavern has many fascinating and mysterious places of scenic interest including jewel-shaped, cascade-shaped and diamond-shaped caves, all of which were made up with stalagmites and stone flowers.

Over the past 20-odd years since the Ryongmun Cavern was refurbished to be a new look of natural cavern under the wise guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il, a lot of Koreans, foreigners and overseas Koreans enjoyed their pleasant time of rest here.

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