Resolve Hardened for Posterity

It happened on June 1 Juche 104(2015) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Wonsan Baby Home and Orphanage before their inauguration.

The Supreme Leader said the Wonsan Baby Home and Orphanage look marvellous and such wonderful children`s palaces will be found nowhere else in the world. They are proud creations demonstrating in both visual and eloquent way the advantages of the socialist system of our country where the Party and state take full responsibility of parentless children, he said in sheer delight.

It is very pleasing to have provided the orphans with excellent homes and they will grow brightly and cheerfully, following the Party and motherland as their father and mother, to be the reliable pillars of the country, he noted. Such a thought makes him harden his resolve to work harder each day and spare nothing for the posterity, he said earnestly.

Thanks to the benevolent love of the Supreme Leader, who works to provide children with the best in the world, the happiness of Korean children on this land will grow more and more.

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