Major Munitions Factories Inspected

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, gave field guidance at major munitions factories, including a factory producing tactical missiles, on August 11 and 12 to learn about the munitions production.

He was accompanied by Jo Chun Ryong and Kim Jong Sik.

Inspecting the factory producing tactical missiles, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un acquainted himself in detail with the missile production and the project for reinforcing the production capacity and upgrading the factory.

He expressed satisfaction over the fact that in recent years, the factory has perfected the scientific and technological issues arising in production, put the production processes on an automated and self-supporting basis and pushed ahead with the modernization of equipment while steadily expanding its production capacity, true to the WPK Central Military Commission’s instructions on concentrating efforts on the production of tactical missiles, and thus carried out the immediate goal for munitions production as planned without fail.

He highly appreciated the factory for taking timely steps to rapidly establish the production processes of newly developed tactical missiles while turning out tactical missiles under serial production in a mobile way and for steadily pushing ahead with the modernization of the factory.

He set forth an important goal to drastically boost the existing missile production capacity on the basis of the successes already achieved by the factory so as to mass-produce missiles as required by the system of the expanded and strengthened frontline units and missile units and by the operational plans.

The qualitative level of war preparations depends on the development of the munitions industry and the factory bears a very important responsibility in speeding up the war preparations of the Korean People’s Army, he said, appealing the factory to bring about a surge in production for war preparations by giving full play to patriotic enthusiasm of the working class.

Kim Jong Un inspected the factory producing tactical missile transporter-erector-launchers (TEL) to learn in detail about the development and production of various TELs.

Stressing the significance of the rapid development and production of TELs for major weapons to be effectively used in battlefields in accordance with the military strategic plan of the Party Central Committee, he underlined the need to go all out for producing Korean-style TELs with superb quality, given that the demand of units for equipment and the plan for its use were confirmed, and thus unconditionally fulfill the planned production target set forth by the Eighth Congress of the Party.

Saying that to realize the utility in the TEL production presents itself as the primary problem in view of the development of the national defence science and of efficiency under an operational situation, he called for producing more modern and highly efficient TELs substantially conducive to the army’s perfect war preparations by steadily updating the design of TEL and focusing efforts on the modernization of production processes.

Kim Jong Un inspected the factory producing combat armoured vehicles to learn about the development of multipurpose combat armoured vehicles, set forth at the Eighth Congress of the WPK.

He highly appreciated the achievements made by the factory in the work to expand and modernize the production capacity of armoured vehicles in line with the far-reaching plan and strategic design of the Party Central Committee for bringing about the second revolution in armored forces.

He personally drove a newly-developed multipurpose combat armoured vehicle to learn about its fighting performance and mobility and advanced the tactical and technical specifications to be reached in the development of Korean-style multipurpose combat armoured vehicle and the militant tasks facing the factory.

He also inspected the factory producing large-caliber control multiple rocket launcher (MRL) shells to learn about the attainment of an important goal set forth by the Party Central Committee, the modernization of production lines and the normalization of production.

Noting that the national defence scientific research field has made a great success through dynamic struggle after setting it as the most important work to realize the ballistic precise control of MRL shells, he said that the realization of the control of 122mm and 240mm MRL shells is a great revolution in the field of using MRLs as it is a crucial change in the preparations for modern warfare and it can ensure the maximum defeating efficiency. Since a new technology was introduced into the KPA, it is important at present to turn out as one in the shell production so as to further raise the combat capability of the KPA artillery force, he added.

He also noted with appreciation that the factory, deeply aware of its position and importance in bolstering up the artillery force of the KPA, has made a great progress in modernizing the production lines and dynamically accelerated the normalization of production by giving full play to the mental power of scientists, technicians and employees and bringing about a revolution in technology and increased production.

Saying that it is very urgent for bolstering up the artillery force of the frontline units to increase the production of control MRL shells at an exponential rate, he stressed the need to ensure boost in shell production in keeping with the army’s increased operational demand and thus deploy more shells to the frontline units in depth.

He said that the KPA should have an overwhelming military force and get fully prepared for coping with any war at any moment so as to prevent the enemies from daring use of their armed forces, and surely annihilate them if they launch an attack.

He stressed once again that the munitions factories have a very important role to play in implementing the idea of the Seventh Enlarged Meeting of the Eighth Central Military Commission of the WPK on making the KPA more thoroughly gird for a war.

Upon receiving his great trust and important instructions, officials, workers and technicians of major munitions factories made a firm pledge to remain absolutely faithful to the Party’s cause with countless achievements in increasing the production of powerful means of war deterrence, deeply cherishing once again their heavy mission to reliably guarantee the completion of war preparations of the KPA for national reunification and defence of the country with the weaponry production.


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