He Worries over Air Condition in a Shop

One Sunday evening in August Juche 98 (2009) Chairman Kim Jong Il came to see the Pothonggang Shop which was newly built although hot weather did not leave as yet.

Air was fresh inside against being hot outside. Entering the first floor filled with fruit smell, the Chairman suddenly asked a cashier whether she didn’t feel cold.

She hesitated and said a minute later that she was all right though she felt somewhat cold.

Criticizing that shop officials were engrossed in freezing fruits only but did not take into account shop workers might feel cold, the Chairman stressed that people were the basis in any work and they were more precious than things.

Then, saying to her that exposing herself to the cold breeze would harm her health, the Chairman kindly set upward the blade of an air conditioner. He was indeed the benevolent father of the people never called differently.

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