Though an Embankment Had to Be Built with Gold

On June 19 Juche 46 (1957) Chairman Kim Jong Il ascended a peak of Miru tableland in company with President Kim Il Sung in order to solve the drinking water problem for the Miru Plain residents.

It was said that the Miru tableland was, noted for scarce water, where a traveller was served with a bowl of rice but not with a bowl of water.

The Chairman said to farm officials that, as instructed by the President, if they dammed up down there where water flows together from two valleys, a big reservoir would be formed and that when they completed the reservoir they should begin waterworks first.

Thinking seriously upon the suffering of Miru Plain residents to go as far as 20-30 ri to bring drinking water, the Chairman appealed earnestly to build the reservoir in order to supply water to them in whatever difficult conditions of the country and even though they had to build an embankment with gold.

Under his warm care for the people, the service water has been supplied to all houses since the reservoir in which water never dries up forever was built in Singye-Koksan region.

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