Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Meets KPA Medics and Makes Congratulatory Speech

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on August 18 met and congratulated medics of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) who fulfilled their sacred duty of defending the capital city and the people and performed undying feats in the top-level emergency anti-epidemic campaign.
The KPA medics gathered at the April 25 House of Culture by the special order of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. The house was overflowing with great emotion and joy of those medics awaiting the time of honour and happiness when they would meet Kim Jong Un whom they had wanted so eagerly to see only once while conducting the fierce war to exterminate the malignant virus with their readiness to sacrifice themselves.

When Kim Jong Un appeared on the platform of the house, the stormy cheers of “Hurrah!” was raised at the venue.

The soldiers discharged their bounden duty as the army of the Party and the people, but Kim Jong Un highly praised their efforts and struggle as heroic feats to be specially recorded on the militant course of the KPA. Still to bestow great favour on them, he called them to the significant venue so as to put them forward again before the eyes of the whole country and the whole world and congratulate them again. So, all the participants were replete with boundless gratitude to him.

Kim Jong Un made a congratulatory speech. 

Noting that the army medics took the greatest trouble to defuse the epidemic crisis in the capital city, he gave warm thanks, on behalf of the Party, the country and the people, to them for having displayed the indefatigable spirit and the invincible combat strength of our army and the noble traits and fidelity of the Party’s army by dedicating themselves with firm confidence and courage in the anti-epidemic combat field of the capital city, the key theatre decisive of the victory in the national anti-epidemic struggle.

He said that the bravery and self-sacrificing spirit shown by the medics in the anti-epidemic campaign in the capital was a spiritual characteristic coming from the exceptional loyalty of our servicepersons who know best the true heart of their Supreme Commander and carry out his intention without hesitation.

Saying it was a true picture of the army medics, printed in the mind of Pyongyang citizens during the sacred struggle of 91 days, that they are revolutionary soldiers boundlessly faithful to our Party and sons and brothers of the people, he gave a high appreciation of the brilliant merits of the medics who displayed the militant features of our army going through thick and thin to carry out the Party’s orders and reliably defended the priceless revolutionary asset of great army-people unity, the root of our society.

Noting that it is our Party’s high pride and honor to have the reliable revolutionary army which has been always honorable for the sacred and glorious name, people’s army, he earnestly called on all the participants to faithfully serve our great state, Party and people and our great dignity and honor in the future, too.

The moment Kim Jong Un concluded his passionate speech full of love and affection for his revolutionary soldiers, all the participants broke into enthusiastic cheers with tears of emotion in their eyes, looking up to him who put ordinary soldiers forward as frontline medics and combat heroes and repeatedly showed benevolent affection.

He specially called and congratulated medics who performed distinguished feats in the anti-epidemic struggle in the capital.

He shook hands with them one by one and recognized their services. They greatly contributed to further encouraging and flourishing the fine communist virtues and traits throughout the society by devoting themselves to the protection of the citizens’ lives and health with absolute loyalty to the order of the Party Central Committee and unconditional love for and dedication to the people.

He had a photo session with them, hoping that they who performed brilliant merits on the forefront for defending the people would continue to work faithfully as able field medics and renowned field doctors reliably defending our precious socialist country where our people live in good health free from any disease.

All the participants hardened their strong resolve to more fully display the invincible fighting strength and heroic stamina of the great Kim Jong Un’s strong revolutionary army at every theatre of sacred efforts for national defence and the comprehensive development of Korean-style socialism, regarding his special trust and warm true heart as the most precious asset in their life and continuing to serve the country and the people.


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