Story of Loving Care in the History of Great War Victory (9) “Soldiers Are Waiting for Us at the Front”

One day in July Juche 39 (1950), President Kim Il Sung went to the forefront to see his lovely soldiers.

His car, running toward the front, failed to go further in front of Rimjin River since the bridge had got already broken from air raids.

Saying that a railway bridge must be there around, the President proposed to go it across.

Officials got worried as they could never imagine crossing the bridge by car at night when enemy planes flied in any time.

However, the President quickened his trip saying that they were not allowed to hesitate and soldiers were waiting for them at the front and shedding their bloods in the battles even at that moment.

Eventually his car went over one sleeper by one sleeper to move forward.

The President, indeed, had gone through these extremely dangerous roads to the war front to see his soldiers during the three year-long Fatherland Liberation War. They were as long as some fifty thousand and thousands ri.

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