Preparations for the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival

With the opening ceremony of the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival, which is to be held from April 10, is approaching amid worldwide interest, many art troupes and individual artists are making preparations full steam to present excellent works to the festival.

Such world-renowned organizations as the State Dance Company “BERIOZKA” named after N.S. NADEZDINA, under the Office of President of the Russian Federation and other troupes and individuals from Vietnam, Laos, Syria, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Belarus, and many other countries are striving to make preparations to present excellent works, representative of their countries and nations, to the Korean people and art fans of the world and to shoot and edit the performances even under unfavourable situation, in which a public health crisis is sweeping the world.

In the name of the Festival Organizing Committee, we extend warm greetings to the artistes and other progressive peoples of the world for rendering support and encouragement to the festival to be held to mark the Day of the Sun.. 

The visitors to our website will soon be able to enjoy diversified and characteristics performances presented in celebration of the spring holiday.

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