Playing an “Actor”

In June 2000 when the historic north-south summit meeting was being held in Pyongyang, the south Korean people were completely attracted by Chairman Kim Jong Il’s noble personality.

The moment when he held up south Korean President Kim Dae Jung’s hand declaring the adoption of the North-South Joint Declaration, they were filled with deep emotion and delight.

At that time the south Korean journalists were desperate as they missed the golden chance of photographing the historic occasion.

So they importuned the senior presidential information secretary to ask Kim Jong Il to pose for them again. He told Kim Jong Il what they wanted.

Accepting their request with a hearty laugh, Kim Jong Il said to Kim Dae Jung: Then let us play actors for them.

Then, he went to the platform again with Kim Dae Jung and took his hand in his own and raised it.

When the photo session was over, he said to the journalists jokingly that they ought to pay for their acting, laughing a hearty laugh.

Witnessing the historic scene unprecedented not only in the world history of politics but also in the record of summit talks, the south Korean people marvelled at his unassuming personality and witty humour, with which he tugged the people’s heartstrings.

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