People who Contribute to Generating Electricity

The Kangdong Hydraulic Construction Complex is contributing to the electrification of the country.

It is the successor to the Suphung Power Station Repair and Construction Station which was established in October Juche 35 (1946). It has built large-, medium- and small-scale hydropower stations across the country by tapping abundant hydraulic resources.

Jang Sung Gi, chief engineer of the complex, said: The national emblem is inscribed with a hydropower power station, in which we feel pride and honour. 

In the mid-1950s when they built the Jangjagang Power Station for the first time with their own efforts and technology, it was not easy for them to tame the turbulent river. It was a grand nature-harnessing project to generate a large amount of electricity by building a dam on the lower Jangja River flowing into the Amnok River from the northwestern inland of the country.

Though they had no experience with inadequate equipment, they never stopped the construction of cofferdam, breaking thick ice and carrying on the excavating work in waist-deep icy water even in the cold of 20℃ below zero.

They organized their work in a big way, introducing innovative methods for transporting larger amounts of gravels and sand a day and speeding up concrete placing of the dam.

They also introduced a new method of shuttering assembling, a knotty problem in the project and thus finished the construction tens of days ahead of schedule.

Thanks to their devoted efforts, the project was completed successfully.

They feel the greatest pride of their life in building a hydroelectric power station in an unfamiliar place and moving to another place to build another one.

The complex has built over ten large-scale hydroelectric power stations such as Kanggye Youth Power Station, Taedonggang Power Station, Thaechon Power Station, Namgang Power Station and Ryesonggang Power Station and rendered assistance in designing medium- and small-scale power stations and assembling their equipment, thus making a tangible contribution to transforming the appearance of the country and developing the electric-power industry.

In the course of this, it has gained good, rich experience and produced competent technicians and skilled workers.

The complex was awarded Order of Kim Il Sung and the title of guards and produced over 20 Labour Heroes of the DPRK, including a twice Labour Hero.

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