Kumgangsan Cosmetics Exhibition House

The Kumgangsan Cosmetics Exhibition House, located in Moranbong District of Pyongyang, is frequented by many people.

Over 100 kinds of Kumgangsan-brand cosmetics are on display for sale. They are made with Kaesong Koryo insam, a specialty of Korea, as the main raw material. 

The Kaesong Koryo insam cosmetics are a close companion for women as they satisfy their aesthetic demands by making their skin soft, elastic and beautiful.

A separate cream, lotion, foundation cream and others are good, but cosmetics sets with 2 to 7 kinds are favoured by those who want to prepare gifts for a birthday or a wedding ceremony.

Ri Sol Hyang, chief of the house, said: These days, many women visit our house to buy functional cosmetics which are made by adding such effective elements as collagen, nano-gold and vitamins to Kaesong Koryo insam cosmetics or by introducing stem cell technology into their production.

The makeup-method learning room of the house analyzes visitors’ skin by means of a machine to choose suitable cosmetics and disseminates the makeup principles and methods through pamphlets or on TV. It also conducts nutritive face treatment, removes freckles and blotches, and cures side effects caused by cosmetics.

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