37-Year-Long Devotion for Cloth Production

Kim Kum Sil, a workteam leader of the general weaving workshop at Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, is a hard worker well known to her factory.

Working as a weaver for 37 years, she has covered a distance of more than 29 600km.

She entered the mill in her girlhood with a determination to dedicate her whole life to the mill which was playing an important role in fabric production of the country. 

She began to learn repairing methods at leisure hours while extending the course of operating looms in her charge, with the result that she did simple repairs by herself. And she carried out her quotas under the national economic plan ahead of schedule every year by waging a multi-loom-tending campaign.

She was appointed the workteam leader ten years ago. Since then, she has led her workteam to rank the highest in the mill.

When the mill organized a production competition some years ago, weavers, repairmen and skilled workers of her workteam made a clean sweep of the top three. Credit for this must go to her painstaking efforts to bring about collective innovation.

She devoted herself to enhancing the level of recruits’ technical skills so as to enable them to operate their machines with ease and improving the technical qualifications of all weavers a grade higher every year.

She had to sleep and rest less than others. But she found her pleasure and pride in devoting her passion for cloth production.

Out of patriotism, she is still on her duty.

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