Dairy Farming Beneficial to Mountainous Village

Kubin Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm is located in Kubin-ri some 40km southeast of the seat of Kangdong County in Pyongyang. It is in a mountainous village with a little area of arable land, most of which are tiered stony patches with low crop yields.

However, Kubin-ri has undergone changes during the past 20 years. 

People in the village found the way to develop theirs into a thriving place in implementing the state policy of raising grass-eating domestic animals in large numbers as suited to the local conditions.

They turned out as one to create 1 000 odd hectares of artificial and natural pasture on the mountains around their village and build nearly 100 sheds for goats, other enclosures for dairy cows and rabbits and a ground for processing goat’s milk.

The farm made effective use of domestic animal excrement and other manure sources to fertilize the soil.

Successful livestock farming is beneficial as it makes it possible to increase agricultural production and makes us better off, say the farmers in one voice.

In recent years the farm has continued its efforts to increase the goat’s milk production and multiply the cows by introducing an advanced artificial inseminating method, thus opening up a vista for milk production in all seasons.

The dairy products of the farm are supplied regularly to nurseries, kindergartens and schools in the village and other parts of Pyongyang, including Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage.

Every household in Kubin-ri raises many domestic animals, and even ordinary farmers have rich experience and personal opinions in livestock farming as good as experts.

Yoghurt, butter, cheese and other dairy products of the farm are widely known across the country for their high quality and peculiar flavour.

The farm has an endless stream of visitors from all parts of the country. They learn after the experience of the farm, and at the same time marvel at the present scenery of Kubin-ri—thickly-wooded mountains, dwelling houses cosily nestled at the foot of the mountains and large flocks of goats and dairy cows grazing in the valleys and along the ridges.

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