Manufacturer of Footwear Favoured by People

The Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory in Kangwon Province was a small local-industry factory.

It has now turned into a modern, large-capacity footwear producer through the repeated visits by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is anxious to improve the people’s living standards.

Officials and employees of the factory are pushing ahead with the production, while waging a mass-based technical innovation campaign to improve the quality of Maebongsan-brand leather shoes.

Designers are employing scientific and technological methods to create various footwear designs that are agreeable to the people’s tastes, physical constitutions and ages, and seasonal characteristics. 

Technicians have newly developed solvents and are directing great efforts to realizing domestic production of raw materials and recycling.

The factory has obtained raw and other materials for the production in close collaboration with several factories in the province, thus reducing the cost of the goods and improving their quality.

Its employees are involved in the study-while-you-work system to raise their qualifications and skills, and they are getting more competitive in presenting excellent models to monthly prize shows held at the factory.

Thanks to their efforts, Maebongsan-brand leather shoes of the factory enjoy growing popularity among people.

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