National Fine Arts Exhibition Opened

A national fine arts exhibition opened to mark the 30th anniversary of the publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s immortal classic work On Fine Art.

On display there are hundreds of excellent fine art pieces including Korean paintings, oil paintings, sculptures and craftworks created by fine arts institutions in Pyongyang and other provinces.

Its opening ceremony took place at the Okryu Exhibition House on October 7.

It was attended by officials, creators and students from relevant sectors, fine arts and education institutions and working people in the capital city of Pyongyang. 

Minister Sung Jong Gyu of Culture made a speech at the ceremony. He stressed that On Fine Art serves as an important guideline to be consistently held fast to as it is an encyclopedia of Korean-style theory on fine arts which systematized in an integrated way the idea of building the Juche-oriented fine arts, the theory on depiction and the methods of creating fine arts.

After the ceremony, the participants looked round the exhibition venue.

The exhibition will last till October 31.

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