To Bring Up Students as Talents Advancing Towards the World

“His lecture is easy to understand. It is logical.”

“I have an idea to try to do something after attending his lecture.”

These are the comments of students on the lecture given by Kim Chol Hyon, a researcher at the Physics Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

Students await the day of receiving his lecture, as his lecture leaves a deep impression on them.

He does not regard his lecture as a simple lever of transferring knowledge to them.

He pays a close attention to encouraging his students to always aim high.

As a researcher, he himself contributed several papers to “Optics Communication” and other SCI-level international journals.

Meanwhile, in collaboration with the faculty, he enrols promising students in a scientific research team.

This gives an impetus to stimulating the competitive spirit and cooperative ability. Sometimes, some unexpected, controversial problems are raised.

At that time, he helps students solve those issues by themselves.

As a result, the students contributed papers to “Applied Optics” and other SCI-level international journals for the two straight years of 2020 and 2021.

He always emphasizes to his students: You should set a high aim and boldly take part in the venue for exchanging world-level research findings. Today when science and technology is developing rapidly, it is silly to try to do something after learning all.

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