Kumok Corn Products Exhibition House

With the growing interest in corn products, the Kumok Corn Products Exhibition House has now become a crowd-puller.

Based in Munhung-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, the exhibition house was opened to public in July 2016, as a centre for development and exhibition of processed corn products as well as commercial service.

The four-storey building has a shop and dining spaces, and interior decorations in the shape of corn symbolize the characteristics of the house.

It usually has many visitors, and is especially packed out in the evening hours.

The shop on the first floor sells a wide range of processed corn products developed by the Chongnyu Economic Technology Company.

Corn noodles and other processed corn foodstuffs are continuously being improved in quality, thus enjoying growing demand from customers. People with obesity and diabetes frequent the shop to buy corn-processed sweets that are highly recommended as foods for health promotion and medical treatment.

Dining spaces on the second floor are full of people who come to enjoy various kinds of corn foods. The most favourite dish is warm corn noodles, appetizing and nutritious. With distinctive flavour and taste that differentiate them from other noodles, warm corn noodles are becoming very popular. 

The exhibition house is directing great efforts to developing scores of processed corn foodstuffs by well preserving the features of corn effective in preventing diabetes, arteriosclerosis and aging. Those products are, therefore, favoured by middle-aged and old people.

Nutritive corn tea served on the fourth floor attracts customers with its unique taste and aroma.

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