To Bring Up Promising Singers

Tongan Senior Middle School in Central District of Pyongyang is well-known across the country for training reserve singers in a far-sighted way.

It directs great efforts to selecting students with musical abilities and talents when a new school year begins.

Teachers give them scientific guidance for singing.

They attach importance to such basic theoretical subjects as piano, hearing and sight reading, Korean rhythm and principle of vocalism.

They also pay attention to giving rhythm lesson so as to help students fully get accustomed to the Korean rhythm and cultivate their ability to sing well.

They organize various forms of presentations to improve the thinking faculty of students.

Some of its graduates have developed into Merited and People’s Artistes, who are beloved of the people.

Deputy headmistress O Jong Yun said: Training students according to their gifted aptitudes and talents demands us teachers think and inquire a lot. We feel great pride in working as educators whenever we see our disciples on the stage. 

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