To Accelerate Agricultural Development

The Agrochemistry Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is directing efforts to scientific research conducive to promoting the agricultural development of the country.

It developed a composite nutrient for rice seedbed that makes it possible to grow healthy seedlings without applying fertilizers during their growth.

As a result, it showed an increase of 400 kg of rice more per hectare.

It developed a suspension concentrate seed-coating agent, which can protect seeds and increase unit-area yields markedly by exterminating over 90 percent of underground insect pests such as maggot and Agriotes sericeus. It is very popular for a small amount of consumption and simple usage.

It also produced a suspension concentrate mixed herbicide which is effective in weeding and a natural organic liquid nutritive fertilizer which increases unit-area yields of rice, maize and potato even in the face of disastrous abnormal weather.

In close contact with relevant sectors, it manufactured equipment and facilities necessary for production in a short period of time and thus contributed to putting production of fertilizers and agrochemicals on an industrial footing.

It has recently developed a technology of making cutting-edge green agrochemicals and standardized over ten methods of measuring the physical properties of agrochemicals.

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