Blessed Triplets

Pyon Hwa, I Hwa and Hae Gun, the offspring of Jo Kwang Bin and Choe Song Gum, are the 390th set of triplets born in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

Jo Kwang Bin, the triplets’ father, who was then serving as a driver at a central organ, says that he had never imagined that his wife’s second pregnancy would double the family.

Choe Song Gum, mother, was diagnosed to be in multiple pregnancy in the third month of pregnancy and sent to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital to give birth to triplets in her seventh month.

It is known that multiple births involve hereditary factors, and the triplets’ maternal aunts are also twins.

The triplets and their parents were presented with silver daggers and gold rings by the state. And they moved from the one-storey house in Sosong District to flat with four living rooms given by the state.

According to the state measure the triplets were looked after at the maternity hospital until they weighed four kilogrammes or more and left the hospital for the Pyongyang Baby Home.

At the age of four, they returned home to live with their parents and attend the kindergarten. 

They learned Korean alphabets and music at the kindergarten and entered the junior middle school after finishing the primary school.

Pyon Hwa studies assiduously with a hope of becoming a scientist, and I Hwa, familiy’s “songbird”, pictures her future as a famous singer. Hae Gun trains hard at the school’s sports group to become a world table tennis ace and fly high the flag of the DPRK at international competitions.

They have their own doctor in charge since the kindergarten days, who visits them regularly for medical checkup.

The triplets’ parents always tell them how great benefits the state has given to their family.

Pyon Hwa, I Hwa and Hae Gun are now first-year students at Sangsin Junior Middle School in Sosong District. They will greet their 12th birthday in the coming December.

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