To Bring Up Competent Geological Prospecting Specialists

Sariwon University of Geology is making achievements in education.

True to its basic mission to bring up competent technical personnel of the geological prospecting sector, it has produced many experts who would perform their duty in making clear the geological conditions and prospecting underground resources of the country and making effective use of them, designing, manufacturing and operating prospecting machines, making comprehensive analysis of mineral ores, and surveying basements for grand nature-harnessing and capital construction projects.

It is further strengthening the work of bringing up technical personnel by improving education methods as required by the developing reality.

Most recently, it made the contents of 250 subjects practical and comprehensive and created valuable teaching methods. 

“A teaching method that improved the theoretical studying ability of students by developing inverse cogitative faculty in the electric and electronic engineering lectures” and “A major testing method that improved the creative ability to make a comprehensive use of specialist knowledge through practical issues” are appreciated as good methods of developing the intelligence of students and awakening their spirit of inquiry.

The university directs efforts to the practical training through a relief model of stope while introducing a CDIO teaching method, so as to help students theoretically understand various mining methods according to different conditions and creatively apply them into practice.

It also sets practical problems that require comprehensive thinking as assignments and presents their solutions and necessary data so as to enable students, after graduation, to solve scientific and technical problems arising in the reality.

Laid out in the outdoor park of the university compound is a geology studying site, which exhibits animal and plant fossils according to the geological eras and typical tectonic models and rock samples of Korea. It helps students gain rich, practical and many-sided knowledge.

The university operates students’ scientific research team effectively.

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