Reorganized Institute

One day in September Juche 37 (1948), right after the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, President Kim Il Sung called Ri Kuk Ro, the first minister without portfolio.

When he entered the office guessing the task to be assigned to him, Kim Il Sung warmly welcomed him and said that he was going to discuss the matter of organizing the Society for Korean Language Research and the Korean History Compilation Committee in the upcoming Cabinet meeting.

He went on: After organizing the People’s Committee of North Korea, I took a measure for organizing the Society for Korean Language Research and the Korean History Compilation Committee, but they failed to perform their duties. Now that the unified central government was established by the unanimous will of people, we should promote the work more vigorously.

We attach great importance to these organizations as their work is very important in building the national culture and raising the national pride of people.

A language is one of the most important features that characterize the community of a nation. As the Korean people had their peculiar language from olden times, they could create an excellent national culture and maintain the beautiful national customs and traditions and become people with high national pride and unity.

He stressed that it was by no means with reason that the Japanese imperialists run amuck to distort and obliterate our language and history during their military occupation of Korea.

Ri Kuk Ro tried to calm down his excitement, thinking about how to perform this important duty.

Noting that he was going to entrust the administrative guidance over the Society for Korean Language Research to the Ministry of Education, Kim Il Sung asked Ri to lead the society to work in line with the Party’s intention while giving academic guidance to it.

After specifying the task for the society, he asked Ri to go to give lectures at Kim Il Sung University once or twice a week although he might be busy so that students could have correct views about the direction for development of Korean language.

As a result, the Society for Korean Language Research was reorganized.

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