New Types of Sprinklers Are Produced

The sprinklers produced at the Kangso Sprinkler Factory are widely used in several fields of the national economy and social life.

The sprinklers with upgraded quality of materials and structures are convenient to use with a long serviceable life.

The factory, which went into operation with ten-odd persons and several equipment over 10 years ago, is now in the vanguard in the development and manufacture of sprinklers.

According to the fundamentals of its business activities to reduce cost, improve quality and raise labour productivity, the economic lever for expanded reproduction, it is enhancing its capacity for developing techniques.

It raised productivity dramatically by introducing an internal cooling device by means of compressed air into a moulding machine and improved the quality and shapes of sprinklers by renovating their sealing and filtering devices.

At present, it produces various kinds of sprinklers of practical use and easy operation.

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